Madison, Wisconsin

Collected Quotes

This is Madison. —Mayor-for-Life Paul Soglin, July 12, 2013. Actually, every third Mayor since 1973.

The Earth as seen from Madison, Wisconsin
— Caption on a postcard c. 1977

30 square miles surrounded by reality
— Wisconsin Governor Lee Dreyfus in 1978.1 The land area was 77 sq mi by 2010, with an additional 17 sq mi of water.2,3

She came from Madison, Wisconsin, which should have made us stop, look and listen. 
— J. Edgar Hoover, referring to Debra Sweet in a memo to Richard M. Nixon, December 3, 1970. Sweet questioned Nixon on the Vietnam war during an award ceremony at the White House. Hoover’s memo was classified until 1999.4

© rock sound

It’s like being trapped in the movie Fargo without the funny bits.
— Shirley Manson of Garbage, describing life in Madison, October 1997.7 Shirley is from Earth, and the other band members are from Madison.

I’m pro-life jacket, and I boat
— Isthmus Annual Manual (2001)5

A drinking town with a football problem
— Isthmus Annual Manual (2002).6 In 2002 Barry Alvarez and the Badgers were 2-6 in the Big 10.

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